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Farm Animal Rights Movement

April 1, 2013

Serving = 1/2 cup. Makes 4 servings.

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100

From fat 45


% Daily Value*

Total Fat 5g


Saturated Fat 1.3g


Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 494mg


Total Carbohydrate 5.2g


Dietary Fiber 1.3g


Sugars 0.7g

Protein 7.6g

Vitamin A 2.7%

Vitamin C 2.1%

Calcium 56%

Iron 13%

* % Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Breakfast Tofu Scramble

Good morning! This simple and delicious recipe will make you want to have breakfast at every meal. And why not? Tofu makes the perfect substitute for eggs. Toss in your favorite veggies and spices, then add a pinch of turmeric for a pleasing hint of yellow. The vegan cheese is optional, but it adds a melty texture you'll love.


1 pound extra firm tofu, drained
1 tsp. canola oil
1/2 onion chopped
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
garlic powder to taste
pinch turmeric
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup vegan cheese (see Make the Switch for product ideas)

Optional: bell peppers, vegan sausage crumbles, etc.


1. Crumble tofu in skillet and stir on medium-high heat to remove most of the moisture and to lightly brown.
2. Add onions any time during that process.
3. As onions and tofu start to brown, add oil and soy sauce.

4. Add turmeric to make the tofu nice and yellow.
5. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste.
6. Add vegan cheese, stir and allow to melt.

For a breakfast you can carry with you, wrap in a warm tortilla.

Click here for the printable version.

Find this easy recipe and more at

Almond Breeze Dairy-Free Milks

Dairy-free is taking over the dairy section of your local supermarket. Time to explore and find your favorite. Almond Breeze offers rich, delicious, lactose-free, vegan milks with no saturated fat, no cholesterol, and no animal cruelty.

Available in a variety of flavors, like:

  • Original & Original Unsweetened
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla & Vanilla Unsweetened

Pour it on cereal, drink it by the glass, dip some cookies, or add it to your favorite fruit smoothie. Almond Breeze works great in your favorite recipes too.

Find product and nutritional information at

Vegan Foods for Better Skin

You already know that one of the benefits of a healthy diet is healthy skin. Now, HuffPost contributor Deborah Dunham shines a light on studies that look specifically at what eating meat does to your skin:

"For starters," Deborah writes, "[meat] can be loaded with saturated fat... Unhealthy arteries means your skin isn’t getting the glow-inducing nutrients it needs to stay healthy. One study found red meat consumption in particular is positively associated with increased inflammation in the body, which worms its way into your skin to break down collagen and elastin (the building blocks of a youthful complexion)."

She cites another study which links acne, in part, to the excessive consumption of animal proteins. "Ditto for dairy," Deborah continues. "One study examined the diets of 47,355 women and found a positive link between milk and acne. That's because the majority of milk we consume is produced by pregnant cows, meaning there are high levels of hormones present. That can be an open invitation to oil secretion, breakouts and acne."

Read the article and link through to the studies at HuffPost.

Outreach Volunteers Rock!

March 20th marked the 28th annual Meatout Day -- when caring people all over the world invited others to go vegan for a day (or longer) to help prevent animal suffering and create a better world.

Whether sampling out delicious vegan food to the public, preparing vegan food for co-workers or classmates, or holding vegucational film screenings, dedicated volunteers opened minds and hearts. Their efforts will help save thousands of animals for years to come.

Get inspired -- keep spreading the message throughout the year. Food outreach is a fun and rewarding way to let people know that cruelty-free foods can and do taste fantastic. It's a great time to get involved. As one volunteer said, “Something wonderful is happening. Gone are the days of naysaying –- now people actually crowd around us exclaiming about how good the food is and begging for more information on how to live vegan!”

Thank you to our inspiring volunteers!

Check out to find more outreach opportunities.

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